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Elder Law 101

Strategies to Protect Your Inheritance From Divorce
No one plans on getting divorced and it’s easy to be complacent about protecting your assets before marriage. Whether this is your first marriage, second, or even third, it pays to give extra attention to protecting your inherited assets from a divorcing spouse.
What is a Durable Power of Attorney?
As you work with an estate planning attorney, you may come across the term, “durable power of attorney” often interchanged with the term “power of attorney.” Both refer to giving permission to make important decisions on your behalf, but there are important distinctions between the two.
5 Signs of Elder Abuse to Watch For
When you put your elderly loved one in the care of a facility, you expect them to be looked after, but elder abuse is more common than you may realize. You can help your loved one by paying attention to the following five telltale signs.
How to Approach End-of-Life Care Discussions
Talking to a loved one about end-of-life care is one of the hardest discussions to have. Whether it’s your elderly parents, an older relative, or someone else dear to your heart, it can feel callous to broach the subject of the end of their life.
Planning Ahead for Assets of Sentimental Value
When we think of estate planning, we often think in terms of property, financial assets, and items of significant monetary value. However, assets of sentimental value also merit proactive consideration during the estate planning process.
The Probate Process Understood
Completed with or without a will, the probate process is essential to the valid and appropriate transfer of estate assets in the wake of an asset holder's death.

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