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Since 1991, our firm has provided estate planning and elder law services to people of moderate means. In fact, we were one of the first law firms in New Hampshire to make trusts — which in the past were largely done for the wealthy — accessible and available to all. Here’s what else sets us apart:


Financial Fairness

For estate and Medicaid planning, we do not believe in hourly billing. At the very first meeting, we assess the situation and quote a flat fee, and we stick to it. There will be no surprises about what we will do or how much it will cost.


Open Communication

Estate planning can be very complex, and people’s situations often change, leading to follow-up questions and issues. In keeping with the flat-fee concept, we do not charge for phone calls or for responding to letters or e-mails, whether from our clients or their children. We also give our clients phone numbers where they can reach us after hours or on weekends.


Flexible Service

For clients who have trouble coming to our office, we can arrange meetings at home, or at a nursing home or hospital. There is no extra charge for this service.


Straightforward Delivery

We speak to people in plain English, not in “legalese” which they cannot understand.


Dedicated Follow-Through

We keep our clients updated about changes in the law or about other issues they need to know about.

For more than three decades, Beasley & Ferber has been helping clients protect their homes and hard-earned savings. Principal attorneys Edward D. Beasley and David Ferber opened their Concord, N.H.-based practice in 1991.

Now, with a combined almost 70 years of asset-protection and estate-planning experience, the firm continues to provide clients with the information and tools they need to prepare for the future. Along with regular free public seminars, Beasley & Ferber has published five easy-to-understand books related to estate and Medicaid planning decisions: Alzheimer’s Disease: Fighting for Financial Survival; The Nursing Home Crunch; Asset Protection and Retirement in Massachusetts; Asset Protection and Retirement in New Hampshire; and, most recently, Trusts for the Average Person: The Optimum Estate Plan. Additionally, the firm received the Outstanding Business Award from the State Committee on Aging and Division of Elderly and Adult Services. The award recognized Beasley & Ferber’s “leadership and commitment to service on behalf of senior citizens in the north country of New Hampshire.”

Our Staff

Susan Hunter is the Office Manager and real estate and probate paralegal for Beasley & Ferber. She has worked for the firm since its inception in 1991. Susan lives in Concord and enjoys outdoor activities with her two sons and their families. 

Stephanie Radaci is the Assistant to Attorney David Ferber. She has worked for Beasley & Ferber since the winter of 2013. Stephanie enjoys reading, listening to music, going to the beach, biking, kayaking, and spending time with her husband and two kids.

Karen Lovett arranges seminars and advertising for Beasley & Ferber. She has worked for the firm since the fall of 2013 and enjoys working with community partners to make valuable estate planning information available to the public. Outside of work, Karen is a U.S. women’s soccer and gymnastics fan, and she likes reading, writing, and being with her family and friends.

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