Spring Letter 2022

Spring Letter

Dear Valued Client of Beasley & Ferber,

We write to you now on the brink of spring. The past year has been a trying one for me, as it may have been for many of you. I lost one of my two brothers to a heart attack and my surviving brother, who lives alone on Cape Cod, is suffering from ever-worsening memory loss. I find myself with renewed empathy for the plight of our clients and the families who care for them, particularly from afar. I also have a great appreciation for the documents I put in place for my brother, so an already difficult situation is uncomplicated by probate court and other legal entanglements.

While 2021 certainly presented many challenges for us all, I am also hopeful for a brighter year ahead. In keeping with our custom, we will be presenting a series of public estate-planning seminars across New Hampshire and in Massachusetts. You are welcome to attend these as a refresher on important matters, such as avoiding probate, gaining nursing-home protection and learning the difference between acting as power of attorney versus guardianship. Living through this personally is giving me a new perspective, further amplifying that what we have done for clients for all these years has significant value.

In addition, we are offering you – our valued clients – and your loved ones an invitation to attend one of our “Beneficiary 101” workshops. These events are designed to educate your beneficiaries on how to carry out an estate plan when the time comes: the overall expectations and impact, responsibilities of executors and powers of attorney, what exactly your trustee needs to do in order to pass the assets to the next generation, etc. At many of our public seminars and “Beneficiary 101” events, I will be joined by Greg Gagne of Affinity Investment Group, who will spend time discussing the new IRA rules that have a major impact on clients legacy plans and potential tax consequences.

To register for either a public seminar or a client-only workshop, call our office or sign up on our newly updated website: www.beasleyferber.com. Here, you can also learn more about our services, make an appointment, or check for updates to our seminar schedule. We are adding new dates every week so be sure to visit.

Finally, hundreds of clients have signed up for our new monthly e-newsletter. In doing so, they are the first to know about new events, presentations and law changes. They also have received this letter in their inbox (rather than in their mailbox.)  Starting in 2023, our office will be shifting to digital communications with our clients. Unless a client requests continued paper copy, we will keep you informed by email with timely news — and we meet our goal of being more environmentally conscious.  It is critical that you supply us your email address as soon as possible. Signing up is easy and takes less than 5 minutes. Go to https://beasleyferber.com/newsletter/ and fill out the form. You can also stay connected with us online by “liking” the official Beasley & Ferber Facebook page.

We look forward to seeing you at a seminar or workshop, but don’t forget: we can also come to you. If your church or civic group is interested, or if you live in a 55+ community with clubhouse space, we can offer our program right in your neighborhood.

For any question, request, service or to register for a seminar, we can be contacted at our office at 1-800-370-5010 or 225-5010.

Very truly yours,

Ted Beasley