Why Should You Contact a Lawyer Before You Need One?

Why Should You Contact a Lawyer Before You Need One

You never know when you’re going to need a lawyer. You can certainly plan ahead for things like updating your will or setting up a trust. However, you can’t schedule when someone is going to decide to sue you or when someone in your family might need to go live in an assisted care facility or nursing home. Even if you live an exemplary life, you’re likely to have legal needs, especially as you age. That’s why you need to establish a relationship with an attorney as early as possible.

Benefits of Establishing a Relationship with a Lawyer Before You Need One

One of the worst things you can do in a stressful legal situation is try to represent yourself. While it may seem like a cost-efficient thing to do, the truth is it could end up costing you much more in the long run. Just like you wouldn’t think of re-wiring your home yourself, it doesn’t make sense to represent yourself in court without the proper training, experience, and contacts.

However, having a trained and experienced lawyer to represent your interests is just one of several benefits to having a relationship established with an attorney before you need one. When a lawyer already knows you and your situation, he or she doesn’t have to start at zero when you need legal representation. That means your attorney can “hit the ground running” and not have to spend time catching up on the basics of your unique situation.

Another good reason to have a relationship established with a lawyer is access. Lawyers are humans, and they can’t take on an unlimited number of clients. When you have an established relationship, you can be confident that your lawyer or at least a close associate will be able to take your case when the need arises.

Lastly, having a lawyer you can trust means that you don’t have to “shop” for a lawyer during a stressful time in your life. When tension and stress are running high, mistakes and poor decisions can easily happen. You may fall victim to settling for the first lawyer that can take you on instead of the best lawyer for your needs. You can feel assured during difficult times knowing that your lawyer is ready to represent you when the need arises if you are already an established client.

Working with Beasley & Ferber

Beasley & Ferber specializes in estate and elder law. We help New Hampshire families hold onto their homes and protect their savings as they face nursing homes and escalating medical expenses. We recently received the “Outstanding Business Award” from the State Committee on Aging and Division of Elderly and Adult Services.

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