Attorney David H. Ferber

Background & Education

I grew up in Brooklyn, NY in the 1960s and 70s, and am a product of the New York City public schools. After high school, I went to Columbia University, where I graduated Magna Cum Laude in 1981. I stayed at Columbia and graduated from law school there in 1984. After graduation, I worked at a general practice firm in Stamford, CT for four years, before moving to New Hampshire in 1988. In New Hampshire, I worked at a firm in Laconia for two years, and then joined Ted Beasley in 1990, and I have been with him ever since. I am admitted to the bars of New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine.

Professional Focus: Elder Law

I chose to focus on Elder Law due to my background and upbringing. My mother passed away when I was five, and my sister had Down Syndrome. My father worked in the printing trades but was laid off when I was 14, as his profession was eliminated by computer technology. He was only able to find part-time work until he retired and became able to collect Social Security and a union pension. Because he couldn’t find steady work for many years, his only real asset was the house I grew up in.

My father wanted to sell the house and move to Florida, but could not do so until he made arrangements for my sister to be taken care of, both financially and in terms of living arrangements. Also, because the money from the sale of his house was his only real asset, he was very worried about making the proceeds last as long as possible and protecting them should he ever need nursing-home care. By that time, I had been an attorney for a number of years, and I was able to help him address his concerns. I became my sister’s legal guardian and put together an estate plan for him that would protect his modest assets as well as make sure that my sister’s government benefits would not be jeopardized. After he moved to Florida, he remarried.

As a result of these experiences, my interest in Elder Law for moderate-asset people began to develop. The vast majority of our clients have worked all of their lives to put together a nest egg for themselves and their families, and virtually all of our clients want to protect these assets should they need nursing home care. Some of our clients have special needs children like my sister, and pretty much all of our clients want to be able to protect the inheritance they leave should their children get divorced or have creditors. Many of our clients are involved in second marriages and are faced with the unique issues pertaining to blended families.

Because these were the realities in my own life, I have a personal insight into what many of our clients are going through and what they want to achieve: preservation of their home and life savings, peace of mind for their children with special needs, solutions for challenges associated with second marriages and blended families, protection of assets in the event of a divorce, and preservation of assets from the cost of nursing home care.


I am married and have a stepdaughter who lives in Fort Lauderdale. In my free time, I enjoy hiking and kayaking off the coasts of New Hampshire and South Florida. I’m also interested in nature photography, opera, gardening, landscaping, and cooking.

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