Probate Administration

Helping Clients Navigate the Maze of the Probate Courts

When a loved one dies, the survivors get lost in a web of questions: How do the bills get paid? Who pays the funeral director? How do we find out what the assets are? What happens with the house? Where does the mail go? Why have the bank accounts been frozen? Can I drive the car? What happens with the Social Security check? Why won’t the bank honor my power of attorney? What happens with the will? My brother keeps calling me looking for his inheritance…What do I do? People get confused and easily frustrated. If a loved one has died and you find yourself besieged by these questions, we can help. We have 30-plus years of Probate experience in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. We can help you navigate through this process from beginning to end, and our goal is to make it is as simple and painless as possible.

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