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What is a Durable Power of Attorney?
As you work with an estate planning attorney, you may come across the term, “durable power of attorney” often interchanged with the term “power of attorney.” Both refer to giving permission to make important decisions on your behalf, but there are important distinctions between the two.
Planning Ahead for Assets of Sentimental Value
When we think of estate planning, we often think in terms of property, financial assets, and items of significant monetary value. However, assets of sentimental value also merit proactive consideration during the estate planning process.
The Probate Process Understood
Completed with or without a will, the probate process is essential to the valid and appropriate transfer of estate assets in the wake of an asset holder's death.
3 Benefits of Working with an Elder Law Attorney
Elder law is a specific specialty of law that pertains to aging and the needs of seniors and their loved ones. A lawyer who specializes in elder law in New Hampshire can assist the family with managing the issues associated with a senior who has a reduced capacity to cope with certain issues.
Tips to Prevent Sibling Disputes
When bequeathing to sibling children, remember that sibling disputes are extremely common. If you think about it, sibling disputes may have been festering since childhood.
Providing for Extended Family and Charities
Many people choose to bequest to extended family members and charities in their will. But did you know that estate planning should also include certain information that can make the process of disbursing funds faster and easier for survivors?

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